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I have been registered with TLTP as a Teaching Assistant since September 2016. My personal consultant is Gabrielle Cavalot. Since the very first day I have found Gabrielle very professional, helpful and friendly too! She has always been very prompt in replying (once even on a Friday late at night she replied to my email) and efficient in providing me with all types of information (holiday, training, payroll etc.) I needed.

My first assignment Gabrielle arranged within 2 weeks of registration which was very close to my place and then I was put on a long term position of my choice and preference in another school. I worked there for 5 months Gabrielle was constantly keeping in touch to ensure everything was running smoothly - not often do you get an agent who holds interest in your personal well-being as well as how the job is going.

Now I am not working in that school for personal reasons and have asked for a slightly different role. I hope she will come up with work opportunities of my preference soon.

Also, I have already worked with 5/6 agencies, not a single agency/consultant sent me greeting cards on Christmas or on my birthday, but Gabrielle did. Those were lovely surprises. I am very grateful to her for everything so far and wish her all the very best. As an agency, TLTP is very efficient and supportive and I look forward to continuing to work with them.


I am writing to you to inform you about how impressed I've been with Jake Toppin, who has really been an excellent agent.

In my years as working as a supply teacher, I don't think I've seen an agent go above and beyond in the way that Jake has. To be specific, there was a problem in January where a school was not going through the correct process, which meant that I was not being paid. Even though I wasn't working through Jake any longer, Jake still showed 100% commitment and went truly above and beyond to ensure that I was paid, even though the process took well over a month. Many other agents would devolve ownership of this kind of aftercare, but it speaks highly of Jake and TLTP that I was given this level of service. I have now been paid correctly, thanks to Jake's persistence and excellent attitude.
Recently, one of my friends, who I worked with for a period of over five years, asked me if I knew any good agents. Without hesitation, I recommended Jake Toppin to him and I understand that the two are in contact. I hope you will congratulate Jake and I wish you all the best. 


I would just like to express my gratitude towards one of your employee's Jake Toppin. I have been with the TLTP agency for coming up to two years now and he has provided excellent customer service right from the start. Whilst I have been at Hackney New School, he has been very supportive and has always sorted out any issues very promptly. I appreciate at times things may have been difficult with communicating with the school, but he has been very patient and professional. 
As I have now been given a contract within the school, I thought it would be a nice gesture to personally thank you for having such helpful employees such as Jake Toppin who has made my time in employment extremely smooth.  

Jannalene Morris
Hi Helene, I would like to say a huge thank you for the support and efforts of TLTP.

After a few years of not fancying anything in particular until being ready I attended an application teacher day to fill out some paper work and had the opportunity to meet Helene face to face. Helene's support to find me a new role for September was undoubtedly the best service I have recognised.

I would often receive regular emails and then an opportunity arose for an interview which Helene clearly talked me through the process of what would happen and also gave me a courtesy call to ensure I was all set for the day and another one to find out how it went.

In passing, when fellow teachers I know of are looking for an agency I am 100% able to recommend TLTP and feel as long as you build the relationship they will get to know and understand the type of job you are looking for and more than likely will find you a teaching position.

Just a massive thank you to Helene for the opportunities and whatever my plans are in the future I do hope Helene and the team will continue to be there to support teachers in finding new opportunities.
Hi Helene, I would like to thank you whole heartedly for securing me this position. I can’t thank you enough. I worked with the boy concerned today and I KNOW I will make a difference in his life - the icing on the cake for me. I will not let you down. Many thanks.
I am so impressed with you. You have both been so kind and wonderfully efficient and I am sincerely grateful. You really are fantastic ambassadors for London Teaching Pool and please do show this message to your line – managers!
I really appreciate everything you have done for me so much! This is my chance to try to make something of myself further and I owe it to you. You continually persisted and gave me enough hope to hang in there! I’m so grateful for that!!

I know you have done this for me, and I hope that the other people that are registered with yourselves realise and understand the hard-work you put into finding them work.

Thank you!!!
Mr B A
I hope everything is fine. I have now clocked my second year at Barking Abbey; it has been most eventful in every respect.

At the time of sending this message, the school has broken up for the summer holidays. The department has earmarked me to teach A-level Physics next academic year; this is most exciting.

I wish you a peaceful and restful summer break. Please keep up the good work; you have been the most inspiring agency representative I have ever had to deal with. As you know, I always recommend London Teaching Pool to anyone I come in contact with regarding supply work; your name is always mentioned as a first point of contact.
Lynsey S
I have been extremely satisfied with London Teaching Pool. The relaxed atmosphere when registering is fantastic compared to most other agencies where the agent makes you feel uncomfortable and is quite condescending, treating the registration like a formal interview.

I found the staff to be completely up front and honest which is greatly appreciated as well as very approachable and friendly. I have already recommended the agency to colleagues and if I needed to return to an agency in the future then I wouldn’t hesitate to return to TLTP.

Thank you for all of your help.
Olujuyin A
I have been in permanent employment since 2007; my heartiest thanks go TLTP who played the leading role to seeing to my welfare and rehabilitation after my traumatic experience working in a London Borough. Thank you TLTP.