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Case Co-ordinator (TEAM)

Job Ref: LGDM21
  • Start Date: ASAP
  • currency-icon £38000 - £42000 per annum

Job Description

Job Title: Case Co-ordinator Therapeutic Education Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Service

Reporting to: Head of Clinical Services

Hours: 37.5 per week      

Our client is group of independent schools based in London and Essex. They specialise in providing day education for pupils in KS 2/3/4 and 5 with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD) and also pupils with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC).

Their mission is to educate, inspire and support children and young people through a creative process which promotes positive growth and change. They always strive to remove barriers to learning in order that children and young people can enjoy school and are encouraged towards lifelong learning.

The TEAM service provides highly individualised education treatment to pupils in hubs called Therapeutic Education Centres, which are linked to there Independent Special Schools. 

The TEAM approach provides a Case Coordination model that offers highly specialised multi agency case co-ordination at the heart of everything we do. Our client believe in the inherent right of every child and young person to access full time education whatever their personal circumstances. There TEAM approach holds this belief at the centre of the Therapeutic Education programme that we provide. This service is based on the provision of intensive emotional support, assertive outreach and supported education.

The TEAM approach provides a consistent and supportive environment in which pupils can explore and understand their behaviour and their feelings and begin to clarify and appreciate their relative strengths. We do this through relationships that are safe and nurturing and that allow for the discovery of each pupil’s greatest potential. In addition to the daily therapeutic educational provision, the TEAM approach provides a variety of therapeutic services to all pupils.

As well as a broad and creative education curriculum delivered through bespoke learning plans, they service provides integrated assessment and management of risk. The TEAM approach identifies specific risk factors for each individual and the context for which they may occur. Each pupil will have a comprehensive risk management plan, which outlines the individual responsibilities of the pupil and for all staff and services involved with the pupil.

Pupils referred to the TEAM Service are:

  • •Pupils at high risk of sexualised behaviour
  • •Pupils with high risk violent and aggressive behaviour towards others
  • •Pupils exhibiting mental health issues Tier 3/4 
  • •Pupil at high risk of sexual exploitation 
  • •Pupils with significant substance misuse issues
  • •Pupils with significant gang related issues
  • •Pupils with school phobias – Tier 3/4 anxiety disorders – highly persistent long term school phobic or deeply disengaged
  • •Young pregnant girls/highly vulnerable and or offending teenage girls and young mothers
  • •Pupils with complex offending behaviours
  • •High Risk pupils who are Children Looked After returning from out of county placements
  • •High dependency pupils with a range of physical, psychological and healthcare needs

  1. 1 Objectives of post

  • •To lead and supervise the coordination and delivery of multiagency assessment, education, care and treatment for those pupils enrolled in the TEAM Service. 
  • •To hold overall responsibility for the coordination of partnership working and multiagency liaison, planning, intervention, monitoring and review, through effective partnership working and collaboration with all key stakeholders, especially parents/carers, commissioners, local authorities and engaged professionals. 
  • •To coordinate the provision of highly specialised professional advice from a range of professional disciplines in consultation with the Head of Clinical Services.
  • •To be responsible and accountable for all day to day operational matters pertaining to the TEAM Service including; supervision and management of the Assertive Outreach Tutors, safeguarding and child protection, behaviour support and safety and well-being.
  • •To hold specific responsibility for family liaison, partnership and family work for all pupils attending the TEAM Service.
  • •To develop positive and collaborative working relationships with colleagues and other professionals employed within the TEAM Service, particularly in the senior leadership team, to ensure that the work of the TEAM Service makes an effective contribution to the safety, wellbeing, cognitive, social , emotional  and behavioural needs of all pupils referred to the school.
  • •The post holder is responsible for ensuring that baseline datasets regarding the educational attainment and attendance, developmental pathways, family and/or care history (where relevant), strengths, behavioural achievements and difficulties and individual risk assessments are completed for each pupil prior to admission to the Service. The Case Co-ordinator will work in partnership with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that baseline datasets regarding curriculum assessment, planning, delivery and review are also in place at the point of entry to the school.
2 Summary of post

Risk Assessment and Management
  • •The post holder will coordinate and complete multi-disciplinary assessments, risk assessments, risk management planning and monitoring for all pupils enrolled with the TEAM Service
  • •Risk assessment: Ensure a range of risk assessments are undertaken for every pupil covering the following areas: individual risk assessments, educational activity risk assessments and venue risk assessments and ensure staff and pupils are suitably matched to minimize levels of risk
  • •In order to determine and manage risk the post holder will work with the Head of Clinical Services to  co-ordinate the provision of all counselling, wellbeing or other psychological services within TEAM Service including accessing the provision of expert professional advice or assessment. This may include education psychology, speech, language and communication therapy, clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, social work or other professional support.
  • •To take part in any Safeguarding/Child Protection investigations as directed by the Head of Clinical Services and or Executive Head or in their absence the Schools Proprietor
  • •To ensure that full records are kept of all safeguarding/child protection and health and safety concerns
  • •To ensure all pupils are helped to understand our complaints procedure and their rights to remain free from harm

  • •To assess and devise the individualised Complex and Additional Behaviour Support Plans for all pupils
  • •To ensure that regular, planned, individual keyworking meetings are provided, supervised, recorded and reviewed for each pupil placed in the TEAM Service
  • •To manage the framework within which regular supervision takes place. This includes day to day supervision of all Assertive Outreach Workers

  • •To facilitate the team and group supervision meetings 

  • •Weekly meetings will be held with the Head of Clinical Services and designated consultants to provide support, guidance and professional supervision and to discuss and implement strategy. Attendance at regular staff meetings is compulsory. It will be expected that you will maintain a commitment to attend these meetings regularly and that you will utilize the time to reflect on and strive to develop your personal and professional development and effective working practice. It will also be expected that you will be willing to undertake any training as identified and agreed with the Head of Clinical Services and/or Executive Head Teacher and management.

Interagency and Multiagency Liaison
  • •The post holder will co-ordinate the multiagency group meetings in relation to each pupil and ensure a communication strategy is in place to share information between the involved agencies.

  • •To be responsible for managing partnership arrangements and risk management processes with key stakeholders (parents/carers, professionals, other service providers) particularly with commissioning agencies and referrers. To ensure that all partners (parents/carers, professionals, other service providers) are provided with regular reports (half-termly) and attendance data (weekly) on their respective pupils. 
  • •To liaise with the school teaching staff  in ensuring that appropriate externally validated qualifications and accreditations are available to our students, that Assertive Outreach Tutors are able to deliver such courses and that records of students’ achievements are kept up to date
  • •To lead on the collation and presentation of pupil attendance statistics within the Senior Leadership Team and to coordinate family and carer liaison and the development and delivery of pupil attendance focus plans.  To maintain attendance records of all pupils and staff and inform the Head Teacher of any concerns.
  • •To promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils through effective advocacy, care and support with particular reference to the principles of empowerment and the need to educate all pupils regarding both their rights and responsibilities.
  • •To ensure all TEAM Service staff report incidents, restrictive physical interventions, accidents, child protection concerns and near misses in a timely fashion as per company policies to the Head of Clinical Services and the Executive Head Teacher.
  • •To provide additional advice, liaison, support, monitoring, review and specialised knowledge on the management of physical interventions and significant incidents within the Service.
  • •To represent the Company at meetings, whether referral meetings, introduction/planning meetings, half-termly Service Review meetings, or those meetings in relation to the statutory planning and annual review arrangements as required by the Education authorities
  • •Developing an ongoing liaison with a range of external agencies, as appropriate, such as YOTs, Police and other curriculum support areas

  • •Gather qualitative and quantitative feedback from pupils, parents/carers, local authorities on the service (eg testimonials, survey information)

  • •Maintain and disseminate a commitment to safe practice in self and others
  • •To promote the safety and well-being of the students at all times and to ensure that any Child Protection concerns are communicated appropriately and swiftly to the Head Teacher and Executive Head or in their absence the Schools Proprietor
  • •To ensure the welfare of staff, pupils, parents/carers through the maintenance of good personal and professional boundaries and appropriate conduct at all times
3. General responsibilities

  • •Abide by organisational policies and procedures, including the equal opportunities policy and code of conduct
  • •Complete any other appropriate tasks within the broad remit of the role as delegated by the Head of Clinical Services and/or Executive Head Teacher 

  • •To respect and maintain the confidentiality of all pupils and others, both verbally and in written form, including appropriate confidentiality around the business interests of our client Services, and to work in line with the guidance and procedures of the Data Protection Act 1998. 

  • •To maintain awareness of and commitment to the Health and Safety needs of all those with whom you have contact in your work, including first and foremost the pupils, and to ensure that all staff read and sign all related Health and Safety information in their Induction Packs.

4 Responsibilities for assets, material etc

  • •All staff has responsibility for taking care of the TEAM Service’s equipment and resources when in use, both in and out of lessons.

5. Professional development

  • •Maintain good personal and professional boundaries and conduct appropriate with the pupils and their families, work colleagues and management and all external agencies, including referring authorities
  • •Attend and contribute to regular SLT meetings and staff meetings
  • •To keep up to date with all legislation, guidelines and practice issues that may affect the Inclusion service
6. Professional Standards
  • •Be responsible for recording and satisfactorily addressing and passing on any complaints in line with the clients Complaints Procedure
  • •Contribute to the development of EFSIS and other services that our client may develop
  • •Represent the company positively at all times by reflecting its mission statement, core philosophy and ethos and by reflecting and promoting the highest standards of practice

NB This job description will be reviewed after the first term to take account of additional skills areas, management responsibilities and other requirements in terms of the pupil cohort.

Person Specification

Essential Desirable
Education &

An appropriate degree level professional qualification (or equivalent) in:
  • •Social Work (HCPC registered)
  • •Registered Nurse , Mental Health,  Child Health 
  • •Psychotherapy (UKCP, HCPC registered)
  • •Chartered Clinical Psychology

Current UK Registration 

Membership of relevant Special Interest Groups

Experience &

Minimum of 3 years’ post-qualification experience or equivalent, 2 of which are within the areas of specialism as defined below:
  • •Pupils at high risk of aggressive and/or sexualised behaviour
  • •Pupils presenting with high risk and/or complex and co-morbid  mental health issues at Tier 3/4 
  • •Pupils who are highly vulnerable to exploitation including those at risk of sexual exploitation and vulnerable young mothers
  • •Pupils with complex offending, substance misuse and/or significant gang related issues
  • •High dependency pupils with a range of physical, psychological and healthcare needs

Experience working in a relevant multidisciplinary team across the disciplines of education, health and social care.
Substantial experience of working with children with highly severe emotional, behavioural and social difficulties
Experience of working with children who are on the Autistic Spectrum
Experience with group work packages for young people

A high level of experience of multi-disciplinary and inter agency working

Experience of providing a range of therapeutic interventions tailored for this highly specialised client group. 

Experience of working with primary health care professionals

Ability to conduct comprehensive assessments of children/young people and their families.

Experience of supervising staff

Ability to work in an assertive outreach way to engage young people and their families for delivery of clinical services

Able to provide consultation to primary care professionals

Knowledge of a range of appropriate service delivery models and an ability to compare and contrast relative benefits

Knowledge of National Policies and Procedures

Knowledge of the principles of clinical

Understanding child development

Understanding family functioning 

Understanding mental health issues in children and families

Knowledge and awareness of the Child Protection Guidelines

Knowledge of responsibilities in relation to the Children’s Act

Knowledge of legislation related to child health.
Experience in
dealing with
issues such as
and retention 

Experience in mentoring/supporting less experienced multidisciplinary team members,  staff or assistants

Experience in contributing to policy, planning and service development

Good organisational skills 

Facilitate training sessions to other professionals

Understanding of Government initiatives relating to secondary care and work in multidisciplinary settings
Skills and Knowledge Good presentation skills, both written and verbal
Knowledge of standards of record keeping and ability to audit this in own practice/team

Excellent interpersonal skills – including observation, listening and empathy skills

Developed negotiation and problem solving skills in complex situations 

Ability to be a good team member

Excellent analytical and reflection skills

Well established knowledge of a broad range
assessment tools

Responsive to change and ideas and adaptive and creative within new systems

Experience of leading a team

Ability to work with other professional groups

Evaluate own practice and service development

Excellent communication skills 

Ability to drive and current driving licence 

Personal Qualities

Ability to work independently in a community setting

Ability to work within a multi-professional team

Flexible approachable

Excellent organisational and time management skills

Communicate effectively across a range of families and professionals

To work with a diverse range of families in a non-discriminatory way
Ability to contain and work with organizational stress and ‘hold’ the stress of others
Have good judgment about when to act to ensure safety
Capacity to work alone within the context of multidisciplinary risk management strategies and 
Shows enthusiasm and pro-active thinking