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10 wonderful perks of being a teacher

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Working in the field of teaching often comes with a bad rep. From being underpaid to the pressure of classroom management, it’s fair to say that teaching is not an easy  job.


However, being a teacher can also leave you with an abundance of joy and happiness.


Whether it’s the positive impact you’ve made to a child’s academic, emotional and social learning, or the set of skills and knowledge you’ve acquired along the way; here are our 10 reasons why teaching remains an exciting and rewarding career choice.



Children teach you as much as you teach them

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Being around young children and adults six hours a day can keep you feeling young. They can positively influence your vocabulary, fashion sense and ensure you are kept up to date with the latest pop culture references.


No day is ever the same

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Most jobs come with a lot of repetitive tasks, which can sometimes result in feeling unfulfilled and unchallenged. Teaching is one of the few professions where you get the chance to be creative and engage in something new every day.


You are a role model

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Ever heard the expression, with great power comes great responsibility? As cliché as the saying may sound, teachers are highly admired for being a good role model to their students. It is a great accomplishment, when children can look to you to guide and advise them not just with school work but also with their social life. In fact, being an inspiration to young leaders is just one of the many perks of the job.


Expect to laugh… a lot

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Children may be a handful at times, but there’s no denying their ability to make you chortle. They are a bundle of joy and, most of the time, have great sense of humour. So if you’ve had a bad start to the day, you can always rely on your students to cheer you up and make you laugh. It’s these precious moments that make teaching absolutely worth it.


Learn new skills


Being a teacher allows you to expand and develop on new skills. Whether your chosen subject is English, Maths or Science; as a teacher, you can choose to build upon transferrable skills by participating in sports days, managing breakfast and after school clubs and can even offer counselling sessions. Did we mention that no day is ever the same?


Establish genuine relationships along the way

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Working in teaching enables you to build positive relationships with students, parents and the wider school community.


Make friends for life

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You get the opportunity to form real and long-lasting friendships with like-minded colleagues, who share the same passion for teaching as you do.


That memorable and cherished moment when a student finally gets it

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Nothing beats the moment when a student’s lightbulb goes off and they finally understand what you’ve been teaching them. Witnessing their growth and knowing you contributed to the child’s learning progression is a feeling like no other.


Schools out for summer

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There are many rewarding highlights of being a teacher. However it can be sometimes feel chaotic and nonstop, which is why teachers are rewarded with a much-needed and well-deserved six week summer break.

While your non-teacher friends continue to work their 9-5 jobs, you get the chance to relax, recharge and enjoy your summer holiday. The summer break is also the perfect opportunity to reflect on your teaching strategies and improve on lesson plans, if needed, for the upcoming school year.


End of year teacher gifts

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Whether it’s a hand-made appreciation card or a purchased gift, it’s really the thought that counts.


There are so many advantages of being a teacher, fact.

However, the best feeling is knowing you are educating tomorrow’s leaders and opening the door to all other professions. Now that is the ultimate job satisfaction.


August 31, 2018