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Monthly Archives: May 2014


Members belonging to the University and College Union (UCU) have rejected the option to strike alongside the National Union of Teachers (NUT) in July. The Times Educational Supplement (TES) reports the row over pay was a topic that split delegates at the UCU's Further Education conference, which was held yesterday (May 29th) in Manchester. A… Read More

May 30, 2014


After years of learning the craft, applying for your first teaching job feels like the realisation of a life-long ambition for some people. The application process itself is the final step and one that you will not want to stumble on after the journey you have already taken.     Know your audience At this… Read More

May 30, 2014


How many people applying for teaching jobs at the moment are doing so because they consider it to be their dream career? The topic has been debated by the the Independent's education editor Richard Garner this week (May 28th), highlighting how tensions between the sector and education secretary Michael Gove is potentially putting future teaching… Read More

May 29, 2014


As somebody who is looking for a primary school teaching job in London. How would you feel about being employed by a free school? Autonomous free schools have become more popular under the coalition government and they are now a viable option for employment, even if not all of them will be looking for candidates… Read More

May 29, 2014


Now that teachers' resignation deadline for the academic year has come and gone, the sector's recruitment specialists will be weighing up what the immediate future holds for the profession. Will the summer yield the required replacements, or will schools struggle to fill vacancies with qualified staff? And will new government schemes do anything to lessen… Read More

May 28, 2014


Changes to the English literature GCSE curriculum have effectively been branded as a step back in time by a teaching group. The National Association for the Teaching of English has described the most recent alterations to the study plan as "a syllabus out of the 1940s", following the removal of a number of titles considered… Read More

May 28, 2014


The pressure is on for the government's teacher training programme to deliver results, with concerns remaining over how effective it will be in the long term.  It's reported in the Telegraph that around one in six places on so-called Training Schools were unfulfilled at the start of the previous academic year, with experts warning the… Read More

May 27, 2014


People in teaching jobs in England and Wales will not be walking out of the classroom in June. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) had said it would conduct its latest round of industrial action, but it has now withdrawn the threat, stating it would give the government the option of opening talks to try… Read More

May 23, 2014


There is no doubt that teaching is a tough job. A teacher has to tailor their output to 30 individuals all of whom are at quite different starting points. These people are motivated to learn in a multitude of different ways, while some of them are reticent to learn at all. There are more variables… Read More

May 23, 2014


With the busiest day of the academic year for teacher resignations coming up this week, a specialist education recruitment company has warned again of serious teacher shortages across a range of subject areas.   Darryl Mydat, managing director of TLTP Education (The London Teaching Pool), says that schools have already started calling to fill vacancies… Read More

May 22, 2014