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Monthly Archives: November 2015


More than one in ten schools are now using unqualified teachers to take lessons because of the shortage in skilled teachers, a new report into the crisis has claimed.  The Times Education Supplement (TES) says a survey of nearly 250 heads showed that nearly half of all schools in the UK have unfilled positions in… Read More

November 30, 2015


Teachers already have a great many responsibilities in the classroom, but should they also be making sure that kids are healthy and eating well? According to MPs in Birmingham, they should be, with new calls for teachers to do more to help battle childhood obesity.  MPs demanded “bold and urgent action” to fight a childhood… Read More

November 30, 2015


Like with any job, teachers' family and friends are as supportive as anyone could ask for, taking an interest in what you do and giving you the belief that you can succeed every day. But as much as teachers appreciate this interest people like to take in what they do, there are some clichéd little… Read More

November 30, 2015


Chancellor George Osborne confirmed in his Autumn Statement and Spending Review on Wednesday (November 25th) that the education sector will see an overhaul in funding that seeks to close the differences in regional spending.  The chancellor said education was the "door to opportunity" as he lifted the lid on a brand new national funding formula… Read More

November 27, 2015


Nearly half of all teachers in the UK are rarely using the technology they have at their disposal for teaching in the classroom, a new survey has suggested. It said that a lack of training into how to effectively utilise the technology and the myriad devices on offer is to blame for this issue.  In… Read More

November 25, 2015


Teachers across the UK are among the lowest paid in Europe, according to a study that has looked into remuneration across the continent as a whole.  Analysis by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that England and Scotland fall behind some of the best paid teachers in the continent, including the likes… Read More

November 24, 2015


Schools across the UK may soon be asked to put an end to the tradition of holding assemblies that have religious meanings behind them, a report has claimed.  The study, for the Arts and Humanities Research Council says such acts, including daily gatherings for worship, could be discriminating against people who do not follow the… Read More

November 24, 2015


The number of new trainee teachers in England has fallen short of the intended target for the third year in a row, according to the BBC. It said this latest data has prompted fears of an intensified recruitment crisis in the education sector, as graduates turn their back on teacher training.  This year, it said,… Read More

November 23, 2015


Plans addressing the issue of an imbalance in funding for schools across England are expected to be outlined this week in the government's Autumn Statement.  The main issue that will be dealt with will be the fact that over a number of decades, differences have gradually developed in what schools are given for funding. It… Read More

November 23, 2015


Head teachers around the UK are appealing for more education funding from Westminster ahead of next week's Spending Review, the BBC reports.  It said that school leaders nationwide are in touch with education secretary Nicky Morgan expressing their concern over future funding for schools in England, with the hope that more money can be allocated… Read More

November 18, 2015