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Every UK school ‘to become an academy’


Every school in the UK could become an academy in the future under expected new proposals set to be released by the Department for Education. It is believed, the BBC reports, that the new plans could be released sometime this week. 

Newsnight claims that all mainstream schools across England and Wales could be forced into becoming academies under the changes, a move that would end over a hundred years of control over schools for local authorities. 

Last year, the prime minister announced his intention and desire for every school to become an academy, and it's believed that this could move a step closer to becoming a reality as part of the budget announcement due on Wednesday of this week (March 16th). 

"The next step towards the government's goal of ending local authorities' role in running schools and all schools becoming an academy," said the government in its Autumn Statement back in November, and although the Department for Education has yet to comment, the BBC believes that this has now moved a step closer to becoming a reality. 

However, although the government seems to be of the opinion that centralising the education system would be a good move, there are concerns about how moving all mainstream schools into this area would affect teaching on the whole. 

The BBC's policy editor Chris Cook says: "We do not have enough good academy chains as it is," adding that even Ofsted has raised concerns in recent times about how academy chains work and the quality of education they deliver. 

In addition to this, there would be concerns about the ability of a central education system to provide enough teachers for schools. In the last few years, the government has repeatedly failed to meet its own targets when it comes to recruitment of new teachers, and the move away from local authority control over education would exacerbate fears of this trend continuing.

March 15, 2016