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Five essential materials every classroom needs


For any teacher going into the classroom for the first time, it's easy to think that all you'll need is your mind and some brilliant new ideas to help pupils learn. But every little helps, doesn't it? And you can make use of some fantastic materials and items to make your life that little bit easier when you take control of a class for the very first time. 

Here, we take a look at just a few of the fantastic things every teacher should consider buying before they take their first step into the classroom. 

Staple remover

Surely we all remember the pain that was the last day of term when we were at school, when the teacher would enlist the help of pupils to take down the wall decorations that had been hanging for the past year in the classroom. The one problem that always reared its head was that of stubborn staples lodged in the wall, a nightmare to get out. Don't make the same mistake as your teachers did! It sounds simple, sure, but a staple remover is an absolute lifesaver!


You don't have the time, as much as we're sure you'd love to, to write a personal message of encouragement on every piece of homework you've marked, and this is where stickers can come in useful. Little smiley faces and farmyard animals with speech bubbles may seem a little bit archaic for the modern classroom, but they're timeless and always go down well with your pupils. 

Egg timer

Do you have set times for pupils to complete a task? Then an egg timer is your best friend. Set it up in the middle of a table where pupils are doing a deadlined task and they'll quickly get the hang of working in timed conditions. It's great practice for them, and it allows you to set a time and then head off to do something else while it runs down.

Craft supplies

From time to time, some pupils will be finished their work far earlier than others. What you can do in these situations is to give them something to keep them busy. It keeps them from hassling other pupils and distracting you. Craft supplies are a great way to do this, and it feels like a reward for the pupils, so they'll love it too!

Extra pencils and erasers

Everyone forgets their stationery from time to time, particularly younger students, so it's always a good idea to have some spares to hand. Remember, we were all young and forgetful once, and it's best not to chastise them for what was most likely an honest mistake. 

March 30, 2016