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Top ways teachers can modernise homework


Homework; it's one of those things that's been part of the school life of each and every pupil who has gone to school for what feels like hundreds of years. But has it ever really changed? It seems that despite every other change that schools and lessons embrace, homework often remains exactly the same and goes through very few periods of modernisation.

However, for forward-thinking teachers, there are actually many chances to change the way homework is delivered and received. We take a look at just a few of the ways teachers can embrace new ideas and new technology and bring homework into a new age. 

Use emails

We've all heard that one about the homework that was worked absolutely meticulously on all evening, only to go miraculously missing on the way to school. It's a tragic tale for all involved, but one that can thankfully be mitigated against with the use of technology. Why not have your pupils email their homework to you? That way, there's no real excuse for them not to have done what you asked, and you can track easily who has sent what over to you. 


Pupils are stuck to their iPads and iPhones these days apparently, so why not use this love of the tablet and smartphone to get them learning? There are a plentiful supply of educational game apps out there that you can have your pupils play. Sure, it's not traditional, but they'll be learning while hardly realising it, and you can have them all show off their scores to compete in class, which adds a little element of something different to the concept of homework. 


The internet allows you to teach, as well as set homework, in all new ways. Perhaps you have a class that learns better by listening than answering? Then why not make use of the many video sites that are out there these days? Record some lectures in your spare time and send them on to your class to watch instead of doing traditional homework. It'll be a good way for them to learn without even realising they're doing homework, and a good way for you to make use of modern tech to bring your lessons into a new millennium. 

March 30, 2016