Assistant Head Teacher Independent School

Job Ref: DM1
Location Alperton in Brent
Primary Senior Leadership Team Primary Senior Leadership Team
Primary Assistant Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher Primary Assistant Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher
Start date Start ASAP
Contrat type permanent
Salary £0 - £0 per annum
Contract info Subject to experience

Job Description

Key Responsibilities 
1. Core Purpose and Accountability

To play a major role under the direction of the Head teacher in formulating the aims and objectives of the school, establishing the policies through which they shall be achieved, managing staff and resources to achieve the aims and objectives of the school and monitor progress towards their achievement.

Undertake the professional duties of the Assistant Head reasonably delegated to you by the Head Teacher

Undertake the professional duties of the Head Teacher  , in the event of his absence from the school.
In partnership with the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team, provide professional leadership and management of Teaching and Learning throughout the school. 

To provide professional leadership and management of School Development Plan priorities 
2. Generic/Teachers 

You are to carry out the duties of a school teacher as set out in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document 2014 and subject to any amendments due to Government legislation. This includes any duties as may be reasonably directed by the Head teacher and the accountability's expected of class teacher.
To facilitate and encourage learning which enables students to achieve high standards, to share and support the corporate responsibility for the well-being, education and discipline of all children.
All staff are expected to uphold the school’s principles and policies which underpin good practice and the raising of standards, and are expected to uphold and promote the school’s aims and values.
All staff will be involved in working together, as part of a team, to develop areas of provision that impact positively on learning and teaching across the school. 

All staff will take an active role in the School Self Evaluation process. As an Assistant Head teacher you will be expected to lead a team through the School Self Evaluation process.
All staff are expected to actively undertake professional development through keeping abreast of the latest developments and thinking, coaching and mentoring, and self-evaluation and peer review.  
3. Performance Management 

To undertake annual Performance Management, setting and agreeing targets linked to school development plan priorities with the Head teacher. 
4. Key Areas

Impact on educational progress beyond your own assigned pupils: 
Strategic direction/Shaping the future

Support the Head Teacher in: 
  • Ensuring the vision for the school is clearly articulated, shared, understood and acted upon effectively by all 
  • Demonstrating the vision and values of the school in everyday work and practice 
  • Motivating and working with others to create a shared culture and positive climate 
  • Assist the Head Teacher  in the ongoing and annual review of standards of leadership,  curriculum, teaching and learning in specific areas of responsibility and across all areas of school provision, consistent with the procedures in the school self-evaluation policy 
  • Acting as a “sounding board” and “critical friend” to the Head Teacher  , always demonstrating high standards of personal integrity, loyalty, discretion and professionalism and publically supporting the decisions of the Head Teacher  and Governing Body
  • Create costed subject development plans(curriculum) with the Head teacher  which contribute positively to the achievement of the School Development Plan and which actively involves all staff in its design and execution. 
  • With the Head Teacher, develop and implement policies and practices for the curriculum teams/leader which reflects the school’s commitment to high achievement.
  • Work with outside agencies, other educational establishments and stakeholders to inform future action 
4.2. Leading Learning and Teaching, developing and enhancing the teaching practice of others:
  • Work with the Head Teacher  to raise the quality of teaching and learning and pupil’s achievement, setting high expectations and monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of learning outcomes 
  • Provide an example of excellence as the leading classroom practitioner and inspiring and motivating other staff
  • Provide regular feedback for colleagues in a way which recognises good practice and supports their progress against professional and performance management objectives resulting in a tangible impact on students learning 
  • Develop whole staff, phase teams and individuals to enhance performance 
  • Undertake coaching and mentoring 
  • Plan, organise and deliver staff meetings, where necessary bringing in outside speakers 
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in the area and disseminate effectively to other members of staff 
  • Plan, delegate and evaluate work carried out by team(s) and individuals 
  • Create, maintain and enhance effective relationships 

4.3. Securing Accountability
  • Work with the Head Teacher  to ensure the school’s accountability to a wide range of groups, particularly parents, carers, governors, the DfE and the ISA; ensuring that pupils enjoy and benefit from a high quality education, for promoting collective responsibility within the whole school community. 
  • Develop a school ethos that includes respect and adherence to its Hindu and British values,  which enables everyone to work collaboratively, share knowledge and understanding, celebrate success and accept responsibility for outcomes 

Work with the Governing Body (providing information, objective advice and support) to enable it to meet its responsibilities

Develop and present a coherent, understandable and accurate account of the school’s performance to a range of audiences including governors, parents and carers 

Reflect on personal contribution to school achievements and take account of feedback from others 

Agree, monitor and evaluate the subject pupil progress targets to make a measurable contribution to whole school targets with the curriculum & records and assessment coordinator 

Engage all staff in the creation, consistent implementation and improvement in schemes of work and curriculum plans which encapsulates key school learning strategies i.e. provide guidance on a choice of teaching and learning methods/strategies such as:
  • Coach and mentor
  • Model and demonstrate
  • Act as a consultant for other staff
  • Exemplify good practice
  • Undertake shared planning, team teaching etc

Develop and implement systems for recording individual pupil’s progress with the curriculum & records and assessment coordinator 

4.4. Resource Management

Work with the Head Teacher  to provide effective organisation and management of the school and seek ways to improve organisational structures and functions based on rigorous self-evaluation 
Work with the Head Teacher  to ensure the school and the people and resources within it are organised and managed to provide an efficient, effective and safe learning environmen
Oversee and evaluate the subject/area budget allocation to ensure the budget is spent in line with subject/area learning priorities and best value principles 
Secure and allocate resources to support effective learning and teaching within the subject area(s) 
Monitor and control the use of resources and budget according to the school’s agreed financial procedures 
4.5. Developing Self and Working with Others

Work with the Head Teacher  to build a professional learning community which enables others to achieve 

Support staff, within your team and within the whole school, in achieving high standards through effective continuing professional development 

Be committed to your own professional development 

Implement successful performance management(appraisal) processes with allocated team of staff.

Treat people fairly, equitably and with dignity and respect to create and maintain a positive school culture 

Build a collaborative learning culture within the school and actively engage with other schools to build effective learning communities 

Acknowledge the responsibilities and celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams 

Develop and maintain a culture of high expectations for self and others 

Regularly review own practice, set personal targets and take responsibility for own professional development 
4.6. Strengthening Community 

Work with the Head Teacher  to engage with the internal and external school community to secure equity and entitlement 

Work with the Head Teacher  to collaborate with other schools and organisations in order to share expertise and bring positive benefits to their own and other schools 

Work with the Head Teacher  to work collaboratively at both strategic and operational levels with parents and carers and across multiple agencies for the safeguarding of all children 
5. Specific Duties for Assistant Head teacher

To provide professional leadership and management of a key area of the School Development Plan as agreed, on an annual basis, with the Head Teacher  

To be jointly responsible for curriculum , behaviour policy & practice across the school 

To provide professional leadership and management of the National Primary Curriculum

To take an active role in the Schools Leadership Team, contributing to the development of identified areas leading to high standards of teaching, effective use of resources and improved standards of learning and achievement for all children 

To lead the Performance Management of a group of teachers 

To identify and pursue leadership and management development opportunities (to be agreed and negotiated with the Head Teacher who will give support throughout)

Assist with the appointment and induction of new staff and provide monitoring and support for NQT’s and students as necessary

Lead in the co-ordination of the Outstanding School’s internal and external environment

Maintain strong links with temple on joint projects between the temple and the school including close collaboration when required.

Not all of the above duties will need to be performed all of the time and will vary according to the needs of the school at different points. The specific focus for the Assistant Head’s work programme will be negotiated and agreed at the beginning of the performance management cycle. 

Because of the nature of the post, candidates are not entitled to withhold information regarding convictions by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exemptions) Order 1975 as amended. Candidates are required to give details of any convictions on their application form and are expected to disclose such information at the appointed interview. 
If you feel you have the desired qualities and are looking for a new challenge please apply with an up to date CV.

Don’t forget TLTP’s Refer and Earn scheme. For every person you recommend that we place and meets our terms and conditions you will receive a referral bonus of £130 (subject to statutory deductions).

TLTP Education is an Equal Opportunities Employer. We are committed to the promotion of diversity and equal opportunity, as an employer and in the delivery of our services.


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