10 life hacks all teachers will want to know

Teaching can be one of the very best jobs in the world for those who love to get into the classroom and pass their knowledge on to young minds. But we can all use some help from time to time to make the job that little bit easier, right? 

Here, we take a look at ten of the very best life hacks you can bring into the classroom to make your job just a tad easier. 

Use emails

Emails are almost outdated in the world of social media, but they can be a great way to stay in touch and engage parents. If you're assigning homework, why not send it in an attachment to your parents' mailing list so they always know what's going on? 

QR codes

At a parents' night, some attendees will want to know how they can stay in touch before the next meeting so they are able to keep track of their child's progress. More and more teachers are utilising smart technology and setting up a simple QR code parents can scan to get their contact info.

Technology and learning

It's easy to want to stifle the use of technology, particularly in high schools where smartphone use can be distracting. But why not embrace it? Ask pupils to research online and use their smartphones to actually learn. Chances are they'll be far more engaged this way. 


Getting control of a class of children is never easy, but you can make it far easier for yourself by downloading apps that set off an alarm when pupils get too loud. It's a far better alternative to raising your voice. 


Are your pupils prone to forgetting things? Paper wristbands with reminders them can be not only useful but fun, and students will get used to having reminders on their wrist, meaning they will be far less forgetful in the future. 

Pom poms

Are you always losing your white board eraser at the exact moment you need it? There's nothing worse, but you can rid yourself of this problem by gluing small woolly pom poms to the end of your white board markers. Ready made erasers on top of your markers at all times? Result. 

Hand signals

When you're trying to teach, it can be a pain to have to interrupt a lesson for a pupil to ask if they can go to the toilet, borrow a pencil or have a tissue. So why not use hand signals? A system of different signals for different requests can mean you can continue teaching without having to stop and start all the time. 

Finished drawer

When pupils finish their work, they can often become bored and start distracting others. A drawer specifically for those who finish quickly, filled with craft materials and brain teasers, can be a good idea for occupying them and stopping them from putting others off their work. 

Start the day right

You want to get off on the right foot every day; we all do, and pupils are no different. You can help them start the day with a smile by telling your cheesiest joke each morning, or why not ask each of them to take a turn? It'll make for a fun start to each day. 

White boards

Who doesn't love writing on white boards? Pupils love to copy their teacher, and it can be a great idea to allow them to write on their own personal white boards while you do. These can be made very cheaply as well. Use plastic table cloths from pound shops stretched over cardboard for instant personal white boards.