Hilarious things to expect on sports day

Hilarious things to expect on sports day

As we near the end of school term, this can only mean one important thing. It is that time of the year again, where school’s sports day.

It is a cheerful afternoon where kids can indulge in a day of sports festivity, and a chance for parents to show off their children and engage in a bit of ‘healthy’ competition with the other mums and dads. Whether it’s someone tripping over during a three-legged race or watching over-enthusiastic dads compete with one another; sports day is not complete without the funny and cringe-worthy highlights from all parties concerned. As we anticipate this year’s event, here are our predicted funny moments that will leave you in high-spirits and entertained throughout the day.        


sports day dads race                      

Every year, sports day becomes more and more competitive. Not only with the children but, surprisingly, parents are known to take the game a little too seriously. The craze for #Dadrace on social media means that this is not likely to change anytime soon. Chill out dad it’s not the Olympics.  

Unpredictable weather

raiin on sports day

Our British weather is known to be fickle. Despite the country’s recent series of mini heatwaves, there is a slim chance your day will be disrupted by rain so it’s better to be prepared. Stormy and rainy weather can only guarantee some of the funniest and most-memorable trips and falls to the ground.  

Relay Race entertainment

sports day relay race

A game where, at least, one school kid will inevitably forget to pass the baton to the next runner.  

The Sack Race challenge


A classic game where kids are guaranteed to fall flat on the turf not once but on several hilarious occasions, as they desperately attempt to cross the finishing line. This is the one sport that is bound to have the crowd and children in hysterics. 

The teacher’s race

teachers race on sports day

Arguably the kids favourite as it’s a once-in-a-school-year opportunity for pupils to watch their favourite teachers battle, hilariously, for victory.  

The Three-Legged race

three legged race sports day  

The one game where kids secretly wish to not to be paired with the child who constantly picks his nose or with the competitive youngster that will do just about anything to win the race, even if it means literally dragging their partner to the finishing line.

Egg and Spoon race gone wrong

egg and spoon race    

This is a game where the children are convinced it’s an egg and thumb race Or in other cases, the egg on hand race...


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