How To Teach Online Research Skills For Students

How To Teach Online Research Skills For Students

Students often get tasks to write a report, thesis, essay, and other types of writing jobs. However, before starting the writing, it is important to define the clear topic that you are going to describe, create a precise plan and style of your text, and learn the basics of writing to create decent work.

What is the basis of the well-written report or the thesis? First and foremost, it is research on the subject you have chosen. Deep research is the foundation of your future work as you have to learn and explore all related science articles, books, and other literature, key personalities, the history of the creation, development through years, main events, and so on.

To conduct deep research, there is no need to go from library to library to find all required information as all this knowledge is available online but not all sources can be free.

There are also some techniques that can help you make your searches more productive and quicker. Thus, we have prepared the most common tips which you can use in your next online research for college papers.

Create a list of questions

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, your future text should be structured due to the requirements of your college or university but also convenient for readers and you as a writer. We advise you to create a list of questions that would help you to open up the topic as much as you can. You can go from general questions to tiny details related to your topic. Then, you should surf the web due to each of your questions and write down or save all related websites, books, people, and other things. Actually, this list of logic questions is your plan but make sure it corresponds to your topic and fully opens it to future readers.

Consider intellectual property

The Internet gives us access to numerous sources of information created by copywriters, scientists, writers. When you are willing to take a piece of their investigation into your text, you should point out the author of this paper in the way of quotations or just references to them. Commonly, colleges use free plagiarism software so they can easily detect where the information was taken if you do not note the real author. In this case, your grade will surely be poor so do not risk your education and respect the intellectual property law.

Double-check the information source

We strongly recommend checking the reviews of companies that provide you with the information online several times. There are some ways how hackers can get you confused - they create similar websites to those that contain real information or confuse the facts within articles to give you the wrong information. All these things can lead to the failure of your college paper that can have a tragic impact on your higher education. So make sure that the sources you take knowledge from are trusted and real.

Learn more about online search

No matter what browser you use for your online research, all of them have hidden links and information that cannot be found through a search string. You can get more benefits from using an online browser than you can imagine. So how can you do it?

  1. Find a learning video on Youtube where the narrator explains the principles of the work of browsers and how to use them more effectively;
  2. As absurd as it sounds but a search through your browser about the hidden abilities of your browser for researchers;
  3. You can also attend some online courses or a single lesson from experienced internet users, most of these courses are free.

All these learning lessons or videos teach not how to write your questions but what elements to add ( like separating characters, keywords) to find the exact information you look for.

Widen your  search box

Not only online browsers like Google can be a good source of information for your research. You can use various tools like social media profiles. Well, sometimes these accounts can tell you much more about the person, company, or specific investigation than the article on Wikipedia, etc. It can be LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others. If we talk about the company, there you can find the history of the foundation, number and links to profiles of current employees, photos and videos related to their activities, and so on. Also, on social media accounts, you can find additional links to other useful sources of information that will be necessary for your research.

In conclusion

We would like to say that the most important indicator of a well-written report is uniqueness. When researching online, you need not only read all the articles and thesis you have found but also analyze all this information, think of its use for paper, and gather the most necessary pieces from it, converting it into your own words.

Don’t be afraid to bring something into your text as this is research and during this investigation, you can find out something new and unknown for your college professors, classmates, and even science in general.

There are no complicated topics and subjects for you as if you will learn the foundation of online research and how to do it wisely, you will be able to become a master in any area you desire that can have a positive influence on your education and future profession as well.


Author: Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, SEO and marketing.