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“Teaching crisis” hits schools in Redbridge

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Schools in Redbridge face a teaching crisis as they struggle to retain staff, a representative confirmed.



In an interview with the Recorder, Kash Malik of Redbridge National Union of Teachers (NUT) said that the problem was worse in primary schools, and in “core subjects” at secondary schools.



He said that teaching is not considered to be an attractive field, as many teachers often feel trapped in the profession.


Mr Malik claims that both existing as well as aspiring teachers are less likely to enter teaching, once they “see the amount of pressure, the workload and the uncertainty of progression.”

However, following the announcement of a 3.5 per cent pay rise for teachers, a Redbridge Council spokeswoman said that “this can be regarded as a very positive step towards improving the overall situation.”


The pay rise, which is partially funded through a £508 million grant and provided by the Department of Education (DfE), will be offered to schools in two segments from September.

The Secretary of Education, Damian Hinds, said: “Schools will continue to determine how their staff are paid but the increases above will be funded by government with a new teachers’ pay grant – worth £187million in 2018/2019 and £321m in 2019/20 from the existing DfE budget – paid to all schools on top of their core budgets from the National Funding Formula.”


Earlier this year; Mr Hinds, also pledged to remove pointless tasks that contribute to teachers’ workload. He said: “this will mean that teaching continues to be a competitively rewarded career, and I will continue to work with the profession, Ofsted and the unions on issues like excessive workload, professional development and flexible working, to make sure teaching remains an attractive, fulfilling profession.”

The salary increase and the removal of non-teaching tasks is expected to put an ease to the pressure of teaching.


Redbridge’s Council spokeswoman highlighted that teacher shortage is a “national issue,” but insists that the council “will continue to do all we can in the borough to address this.”

She continued: “the up-to-date information that we have indicates that Redbridge schools have been largely able to fill their current vacancies.”


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July 31, 2018