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People looking for maths teaching jobs in the future may find their classroom activities influenced by the Chinese educational system. The coalition's education minister Elizabeth Truss will embark on a fact-finding trip to Shanghai to see how children in the city's schools have become the best at maths in the world. According to the latest… Read More

February 18, 2014


The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) has announced it will not be joining the National Union of Teachers' (NUT's) proposed strikes next month. Although the NASUWT said it remains deeply concerned about the pay, conditions and pensions people in teaching jobs have to deal with, its members will not be walking… Read More

February 17, 2014


There is no doubt about it, teaching jobs are stressful jobs. The constant threat of inspection, the continued governmental fixation with exam results, the changes to remuneration and the increasingly prominent levels of ill discipline among pupils all add up to make cortisone levels spike before the end of the school day. TLTP Education's own… Read More

February 17, 2014


People who are attracted to teaching jobs are naturally dynamic. They have to manage so many aspects of their pupils' learning, development and lives it is often little wonder they can neglect their own health. Since 2000, it has been shown by Health and Safety Executive figures that teaching is the most stressful profession in… Read More

February 14, 2014


Leaders of the nation's head teachers have outlined the direction they think the education system should take in regard to the system for measuring pupils' performance. The current SATs system, which has seen parents told the 'level' their children are performing at, comes to an end in September this year after the government decided it… Read More

February 14, 2014


People in primary and secondary teaching jobs should be tasked with developing the character, creativity and resilience of their pupils. Many teachers would argue this is already part of their remit, but shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt wants to formalise the process as he believes there is growing evidence that character can be taught. Speaking… Read More

February 13, 2014


After Michael Gove's reminder to teachers to use the disciplinary sanctions available to them, Ofsted has now told teachers to smarten up. Teachers across the country have announced their decision to take industrial action in March in a row over pay, pensions and working conditions, but the education watchdog believes scruffy teachers are a pressing… Read More

February 12, 2014


School: it's a place of learning in which young and promising individuals are moulded into knowledgeable, experienced and valuable members of society. The statement is most obviously used in association with school children, but it can equally apply to people in teaching jobs up and down the length of the UK. Like in any profession,… Read More

February 12, 2014


Indiscipline in schools Teachers all across England have received communication from Michael Gove – the most powerful man in the British education system – in the last few days, reminding them of the discipline structures they can impose on unruly students.   The education secretary wrote to schools not to change any existing rules, but… Read More

February 11, 2014


Plans are seemingly well underway to create a national College of Teaching in England. It would be responsible for setting standards and sharing research to help people in primary and secondary teaching roles do their jobs, although membership would be voluntary. Full members would be required to have qualified teaching status (QTS), but the College… Read More

February 11, 2014