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Recently, teaching authorities have been preoccupied with ensuring respect is instilled in the classroom.  Ofsted has named and shamed the first teachers it found to dress in a scruffy manner during its inspections. The watchdog said the way London teachers at Acland Burghley secondary school in Camden dressed was spreading a lack of pride throughout… Read More

March 13, 2014


People are being flown in from Shanghai to take up maths teaching jobs in England. An arrangement set up by the Department of Education will see up to 60 maths teachers arrive in UK schools. Shanghai was recently found to be the home of the world's best education system and officials in England hope the… Read More

March 13, 2014


People in teaching jobs in London have been targeted by Ofsted's new approach to classroom inspection. Earlier this academic year, the national regulator announced that it would include details about teachers' attire in its reports and now staff at Acland Burghley secondary school in Camden have been reprimanded. The Evening Standard reports that after inspectors… Read More

March 12, 2014


The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has commented on the findings from the 'SSAT and Reform survey of academies Plan A+ 2014: The Unfinished Revolution' document, stating "parents should be extremely alarmed". Christine Blower, general secretary of the NUT – which is the UK's largest teachers' union – said the fact that the survey found… Read More

March 11, 2014


A series of marking errors may have seen hundreds of trainee teachers pass literacy and numeracy tests – allowing them to go on and land teaching jobs in UK schools. Before April 2012 these tests were administered and marked by the Training and Development Agency. Now they are the responsibility of the Teaching Agency, which… Read More

March 10, 2014


Head teachers need to be given more time to turn the fortune of a school around. The teaching profession currently suffers from a lack of confidence, with many people in teaching jobs not wishing to take the step up to a head position due to the perceived career suicide of being in charge of a… Read More

March 7, 2014


The academy experiment should be continued, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) education expert. Andreas Schleicher, who is responsible for the international Pisa tests, told MPs in a session on England's education system that the most successful models find a way to bring local autonomy to schools without losing strong public… Read More

March 6, 2014


The competition for school places in London is heating up and now parents are so concerned about getting their child in the institution they want, secret tuition is becoming the norm. Some London schools can receive up to a dozen applications for a single school place, so parents want to give their own child a… Read More

March 5, 2014


As the coalition's plans to reform GCSEs start to affect schools, Labour has unveiled plans that could cause even more upheaval in the classroom. The party has outlined its education proposals ahead of the next general election and they include the introduction of a new school-leaver's qualification. It would be called a National Baccalaureate and… Read More

March 4, 2014


Hundreds of pupils have seen their GCSE, AS and A-level results regraded due to errors made in the exam marking process. The OCR exam board has apologised for the mistakes, which it said were made by examiners. Chief executive of the organisation Mark Dawe said: "On behalf of OCR, I apologise unreservedly to the students, parents… Read More

March 3, 2014