Dare to get creative on #NakedTeachingDay?

Dare to get creative on #NakedTeachingDay?

UK based charity World Wide Education Project (WWEP) is encouraging all teachers to try ‘Naked Teaching’ on Friday 30th September to raise awareness of children around the world who go tomakeshift schools in slums, in refugee camps, under trees and under bridges.

Naked Teaching is nothing dodgy! Honest!

It is an opportunity for teachers to experience what it is like to teach without any resources. It’s a chance for teachers to stick the supplies back in the store cupboard, unleash their inner inventiveness and undress their lessons. You could even take the kids outside and lose the walls and the chairs too.

To help you get started, try one of these 5-minute resource free teaching strategies that can be adapted to teach just about anything: (But beware – as Naked Teaching goes, the following ideas are hard-core because they don’t even involve paper or pens.)

Nina Jackson, a teacher who helped to come up with the campaign, advises: "Connecting and developing purposeful learning relationships with the children is key. Good eye contact and a great smile always works. It exudes safety, support and confidence. Even if you’re feeling nervous yourself!"

The charity hopes to raise awareness and funds for many impoverished children around the world. To donate go to justgiving.com/ww-ep

Will you be brave enough to strip down, boldly join in with #NakedTeaching and #NakedTeachingDay and share your pics and ideas with us. 

If you are not working on the day you can still take part in other ways such as no TV or radio, not using any forms of transport, or even going as bold as not using your mobile phone!

Go on....give it go!